March 3, 2016

Skydiving at ScanSource

Learning how things work has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I can remember I have had a desire to take things apart to see what I can learn. I remember when I got my first computer in the late 90s. Although I had paid a great deal for it, when I brought it home I had to first disassemble it to the very last screw! It was with very sweaty hands that I put all […]
November 9, 2015

Binary Coding Jewelry

Accessorize with a DIY coding bracelet, necklace, or backpack keychain! Learn the basics of computer science coding by coding your name into a keychain, bracelet, or necklace (for longer names). Choose simple beads or fancier beads to change the look of your accessory. Materials: white beads black beads beads of your color choice string coding chart Create your jewelry: Use white beads to represent “1” Use black beads to represent “0” Color beads are spacers Arrange the beads to mimic binary […]