iMAGINE Upstate Sparks the Next Generation of STEAM Professionals

iMAGINE Upstate – A 2016 Miss South Carolina Platform
February 1, 2016
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ScanSource named Title Partner of iMAGINE Upstate for Second Straight Year
February 18, 2016
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iMAGINE Upstate Sparks the Next Generation of STEAM Professionals

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It’s evident STEAM education is top-of-mind for many in the Upstate, especially considering the wonderfully warm reception iMAGINE Upstate received in its inaugural year in 2015. This April, iMAGINE Upstate is returning bigger and better, and it’s amazing to see the many individuals and companies – from the Upstate’s biggest corporations to the newest start-ups – coming together to make an event like this possible. It’s exciting for us here at ScanSource to be involved for the second year, and I’m honored to serve as a member of this year’s iMAGINE iMPACT Board.

Upstate STEAM

The initial success1 IMG_6943 of iMAGINE Upstate and the return of the festival says a lot about Greenville. It says a lot about our focus, our industries, and most importantly, about the emphasis our community places on educating the next generation. Without the development of future STEAM professionals, so many of the successful corporations that call Greenville home wouldn’t be able to operate at the same level they do today. STEAM education is vital to the continued success of many of the Upstate’s key industries.

Having spent almost five years in public relations agencies before joining ScanSource, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies so far in my professional career – from national automotive manufacturers and the nation’s largest wireless telecommunications company, to smaller digital production agencies and marketing firms. I’ve been able to see just how broad a reach STEAM subjects have. Especially now, working at ScanSource, a leading provider of specialty technology products, I see this first hand.

STEAM Education

We live in a time where advancements across all technologies are happening faster than ever before, making it even more crucial for an increased emphasis to be placed on STEAM subjects. The only way to do this is through education – creating an interest in children that begins before they choose a career path. Programs and events like iMAGINE Upstate do exactly this – they can be the spark for kids who may not have previously thought about studying or working within a STEAM-related profession.

If you really break it down, STEAM education touches almost every industry or company in some way. For example, at a glance, STEAM may not seem so important to an accounting firm. However, think about the mathematics skills needed to work there. I also think about ScanSource. While we have hundreds of technology experts within our company, we also have accountants overseeing our budgets and expenses, and a skilled team of graphic designers in our marketing department. All of these individuals were educated within the STEAM discipline, and those are just a few examples of the reach and impact these subjects have on our industries.


The Importance of STEAM in Upstate, South Carolina

In the Upstate alone, we have hundreds – maybe even thousands – of companies that rely on STEAM professionals every day to run successful operations. Let’s not slow down. Let’s continue to support programs like iMAGINE Upstate, and ultimately empower and develop the next generation of young, brilliant STEAM minds.

By Jason Weidman

ScanSource – Public Relations Specialist