How ‘Stroop’id Are You?

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November 12, 2015
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How ‘Stroop’id Are You?

Stroop Experiment

Stroop Effect

The Stroop Effect experiment tests how long it takes for your brain to recognize the color of text. To conduct this easy and fun experiment you will need paper and a variety of colored markers. On the piece of paper, spell out various colors using markers that do not match the color that you are spelling. For example, you could write the word “red” in blue.

Ask your friends to say the color of the written words. What did they say?

Your brain will often register reading the word because the left side of your brain insists on reading the text. However, the right side of your brain insists on stating the color of the text.

Try it again and time how long it takes you to say the colors of the words on the piece of paper. Compare your reaction time with your family and friends!